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We here at ORO Fine Art Gallery believe in taking care of yourself as part of a fundamental necessity to being an artist. Health and wellness plays a vital role in your creativity. That’s why we hold Health & Wellness Overviews with Dr. Phil Macklin

Every Monday evening at 6 p.m.

Please join us to see how you, too, can be healthy, happy and, if you choose….most definitely wealthy!

“Delivering Wellness” to people with

◊ Diabetes ◊ Cholesterol ◊ Osteoarthritis ◊ Gout ◊ Muscle Pains ◊ Fatigue ◊ Fibromyalgia
◊ Eczema, acne or skin cancer

Do you know of anyone who wants to:
◊ lose weight? ◊ be healthier? ◊ be greener? ◊ have more time? ◊ make extra income?

◊ If you could rid your home of toxic cleaning products that slowly & unknowingly rob your health & pollute the environment, would you?

◊ Did you know that companies “enhance” beauty products such as lipsticks & eyeliners with lead to make them last longer? Do you want to know a simple way to check for this?

◊ If you could use a product in your home that kills cancer, would you?

◊ Do you buy mouthwash, laundry detergent, bug spray, toothpaste, bleach, bathroom cleaner, air fresheners, oven cleaner, car-wash products?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you NEED to attend our Delivering Wellness Overview.

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Wellness with Income! Your Health is priceless! DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!

“There was once a gentlemen named Alexander Fleming, a Scottish Scientist and in 1928 he invented a ‘panacea’ for bacterial infection which killed strep and staph bacteria–it rocked the world and saved millions of lives, especially those who had nothing to lose–but whom BELIEVED!  The name of the ‘panacea’ is Penicillin!  By the way there are many more stories like this!

There is a Plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) that is indigenous to New South Wales, Australia!  God made this plant and it has all kinds of ‘pancea’ like properties! Everyone should do their own due diligence and ‘Google’ Melaleuca for MRSA, melaleuca for inflammation, Melaleuca for Cancer, Melaleuca for fungus…etc! Then contact me so that I can share with you factual information on Melaleuca’s efficacy in my past 30 years of being a naturapath, athlete and scientist!  –  Dr. Phil Macklin

We all should check the data and the results in those things that are important to our Health–which is One of the Greatest forms of True Wealth!

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Disclaimer: There is no selling, or carrying inventory, no distributorship. Come to one of our overviews to learn more!

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